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Tickets $25 ($15 for students)

Sat 22 Oct, 8pm
Esplanade Recital Studio


Throughout history, art and music have been used to communicate emotions, affirm and express our identities, and recount our shared narratives. Presented by Singapore saxophonist Samuel Phua, this concert seeks to showcase how composers share their stories - in particular, their Singapore stories – and is part of his continued desire to expand the Singaporean repertoire through commissioning new works and un-shelving gems from our musical legacy.

Performed by Samuel alongside fellow saxophonist Michellina Chan and pianists Abigail Sin and Clarence Lee, you are invited to immerse yourself in the Rhapsodic Stories by Singaporean composers including Jonathan Shin, Terrence Wong, Sandra Lim, Zechariah Goh, Joseph Lim, Tan Yuting and Elliot Teo, as well as Jun Nagao's arrangement of George Gershwin's famous Rhapsody in Blue. This concert will also see the World Premiere of The Grey Birch by Derek Oh.

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